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  • Katafanga Island Resort & Spa For Sale $25,000,000.00
    225 Acre Island with 5000 acre lagoon, natural beauty, white sand beaches, 20 unit, 5 star Resort & Spa 80% complete, all infrastructure complete, 6-9 months to finish the resort. Seaplane & airplane access: 3400 ft runway (can expand to 4000 for a jet), Luxury Yacht jetty, 9 hole golf course, power & water treatment plants, main complex, employee housing, numerous activities, FREEHOLD unencumbered title, Operational Corporate Entities, tax benefits. A rare once in a lifetime opportunity. Qualified inquiries please.

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Lemon Protection
Lee DuBelle
Aero Resources, Inc.
Amici Italian Imports
Exquis Skincare

Lee DuBelle

Cristy Lane

Moving The Right Direction

Hirschfeld Signature Series


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